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Sales Flying High


With a brief to cause disruption in the competitive air-travel market, we created The Qantas Show to rally the global sales team to meet some big goals. The company’s culture and values needed to shine through and what better way than a summit inspired by everyone’s favourite talk shows?


Hosted at Sydney’s iconic Ivy, The Qantas Show with Guy Edmonds was a charismatic platform for attendees to learn in an engaging and vibrant atmosphere, with speakers as guests of the show. Proceedings cleverly balanced entertainment, comedy, and strategic learning, ensuring the audience were connected and never suffered from presentation fatigue. ​


An event with purpose, we made sure the fun didn’t distract from key learnings. A live digital scriber captured important moments, and provided a post-event vision board for the company. Inspired by The Tonight Show and as a surprise finale, the executive team gave it their all in a live lip sync battle, performed on the Ivy Pool Deck to the delight of their staff.​

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