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Heroes of Lending


Lending Association (LA), one of Australia’s most successful finance brokers, places a high emphasis on their people and offering a great place to work. As a fast-growing business, they were keen to foster an inspiring culture and shared values that their team would be invested in. We specialise in people and culture and making a tangible difference within organisations through our Hive Alive offering.


Lending Association (LA) tapped into the youthful spirit of their demographic by selecting LA superheroes to embody what it means to be a customer-focussed lending superstar. We brought teams together at a summit to contribute to the final value proposition and culture book through workshops, guest speakers, and internal panels. The entire day was designed to break down barriers and empower staff to embrace and celebrate their unique strengths.

Culture expert Suzie Rogers led purposeful custom games and challenges, leaving teams feeling genuinely committed to LA's journey towards success.


The key to a successful people and culture program isn't just about communication before and after; it's also about fostering lasting conversations among teams and peers. The Lending Association is undeniably an industry standout, consistently expanding in size, customer base, and maintaining a well-aligned team.

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