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Flipping Collaboration


The Flip is the ultimate business collaboration device, so when we were invited by Samsung to create conversation in the marketplace, we went straight to the heart of the city, creating a unique activation in Martin Place. ​


Everyday business workers and creatives were invited to flip the way they collaborate, as explained by celebrity expert Dan Gregory, who demonstrated five collaboration tips in five minutes, all using the Flip. Teams drawn from both invited businesses and foot traffic found solutions to their ideation challenges. In digital take-aways the device was showcased through live caricaturist illustrations on the Flip.​


An exciting competition giving visitors a chance to win a Samsung Flip for their office and a Samsung phone, drove data collection on the day, allowing Samsung to increase their audience reach after the activation. We also gave out delicious Flipcakes, an added attraction to initiate conversation and sharable moments on social media.

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