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Events That Cure


We are proud to be a gold sponsor of Tour De Cure, raising millions of dollars for cancer research through a series of annual events. Collaborating with a dedicated committee, we produce a Spring Lunch and a Snow Ball, each designed to maximise our capacity for storytelling with purpose.​


The famous bike tours mean top corporates are major sponsors, but our challenge is to keep the proceedings fresh for an audience accustomed to attending these sorts of events. The organisation always attracts high-profile entertainment, from Delta Goodrem to Paul Hogan, and we keep the energy playful with the Channel 7 Sunrise team engaging the audience throughout the show.​


While the events are celebratory, and fabulous auction prizes ensure fundraising targets are met, everyone is touched by cancer, so the joy needs to be tempered by connection. Emotive patient testimonials always resonate with the guests, reminding them of the human stories at the heart of our work.

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