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Yuletide Joy


The Christmas calendar is always overstuffed, so why wait until December to celebrate? To maximise attendance, we created a magical Christmas in July event. Key clients were transported to the arctic circle to embrace the magic and beauty of Lapland.


Guests entered an elegantly designed space complete with Winter forest decorations and Scandi furnishings, then delighted in a simulated Northern Lights display whilst a folk band set the mood. A delicious Christmas dinner was served, featuring authentic classics such as cured salmon, smoked meats, and fermented cocktails, curated elegantly to represent the region.


A classic Saint Nick mingled with the guests, granting Christmas wishes and posing to create memories. The theme continued into the photobooth, decorated with a giant real fir wreath and snow adorned Christmas trees. Custom branded home-cooked gingerbread cookies were a delightful take-home gift.​

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