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Every live experience has storytelling at its heart. At Event Emporium, we carefully craft your brand or product story with a narrative skill that hooks the audience in, because we know that the true power of persuasion lies in emotion.


If they can feel it, they'll believe it.


Our expertise is in working with clients to deliver marketing content that generates curiosity, creates authentic connections with the audience and sparks conversation. We know that behind every brand - and behind every event - is a story. 

Story. Audience. Conversation.


We know events mean business. So, while we always centre joy and create a playful dynamic with our clients, we are strategic and our efforts are targeted, taking vision to reality with real-world agendas in mind. 

Event Emporium is a full-service event agency with an impressive impact, big on experience but scaled to be nimble and quick, and built for collaboration with the brightest of minds. 

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about events. 

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